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Apple May Withdraw Ios 15 Support to Iphone 6s

If you are still using iPhone 6 or iPhone SE, there is disturbing news for you. According to rumors doing rounds these days, Apple may not allow owners of these old smartphones a chance to upgrade to iOS 15. The nest update to iOS is expected in 2021. As is the practice in Apple, owners of older iPhones are allowed to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. It gives these owners a sense of comfort as they are able to enjoy the same level of functionality as the owners of most recent iPhones. End of  iPhone 6s support  for iOS 15 means it is time to buy a new iPhone .Software support is one of the biggest reasons why iPhones enjoy so much of popularity among the people. Buyers do not get automatic upgrade of operating system when they buy Android smartphones. Apple has realized this big advantage and so keeps providing software updates to customers for 4-5 years. This is the reason why people are willing to a much higher price for an iPhone even though they can buy an And

Windows 10 Users Continue to Experience Various Kinds of Bsod Errors

 The dreaded blue screen of death is a problem faced by many Windows based computer owners. The   BSOD error   came into prominence with Windows 7 with users complaining a blue screen with an error message before their system automatically shuts down. Microsoft initially ignored the problem thinking it was a temporary error caused by faulty drivers downloaded by the customers. It was much later that Microsoft accepted this difficulty experienced by its customers and introduced security updates that solved the   blue screen Windows 7  error messages. By the time Microsoft launched Windows 10 operating system, the instances of the dreaded  BSOD Windows 10  had significantly reduced. However, these instances have started to increase in recent times ever since the company introduced two updates to its Windows 10 operating system. Fans of Windows operating system hoping better luck with the dreadful blue screen of death are now finding that their issues have increased significantly rather t

Malwarebytes Indulged in Blocking of Domains as It Said Blocked Domains Were Risky for the Customer

 If you are a customer of Malwarebytes, the most trusted anti malware program available in the market, you must have experienced blocking of websites on the part of this program. Malwarebytes indulged in blocking of domains as it said blocked domains were risky for the customer. Recently,  Malwarebytes service  finally agreed to stop this practice of blocking domains after receiving a spate of requests from oppressed domain owners. Browser Guard is an integral component of any antimalware product from the stable of Malwarebytes. This browser guard stops customers from visiting many domains if it feels they are suspicious from any angle. Whenever a customer contacted  Malwarebytes support   regarding this blockage, he was told that it was done by the company to safeguard his device and data. Malwarebytes has always said that phishing sites and scamming sites have used such domains on a frequent basis and so it has no option but to block the domain whenever a customer attempts to visit t

Malwarebytes Acknowledges Breach by the Hackers of Solarwinds

 It is nothing sort of unthinkable if you see that an internet security company like Malwarebytes has been hit by the hackers. But the seemingly impossible has happened and it has also been admitted by  Malwarebytes service . The same group of hackers that attacked a company called SolarWinds has attacked Malwarebytes. This has been confirmed by Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski. It is group called UNC2452 and it is a group of hackers backed by a state which is none other than Russia. UNC2452 came into prominence after the cyber attacks carried out on a company called FireEye, and later on SolarWidns as well as several other tech companies. These hackers could not cause any serious damage to the assets or data of Malwarebytes. But they did achieve the target of gaining access to a limited set of internal emails of the company. This acceptance by a company that is considered one of the leaders in cyber security products indeed speaks volumes about the guts and courage of the Surprisin

Netflix to Go Tough on Password Sharing

 A lot of Netflix consumers have reported receiving a message from the company on their screens saying they need their own account to continue watching Netflix if they do not live with the account owner. The company was getting information that more than 20% of its consumers were sharing their account passwords with friends to allow them to watch Netflix illegally. Realizing this practice cost Netflix a massive amount of money,  Netflix support  has decided to go tough on this habit of password sharing by its customers. A spokesperson of Netflix confirmed sending such messages to customers when talking with the BBC. He added that the basic aim of the company behind sending these messages is to make sure that only authorized customers are using their accounts. The spokesperson also said that this message was not being sent to all the customers and a decision in this regard will be taken soon by the company. The problem of password sharing stems from the fact that streaming companies al

Quality and Performance of Norton Antivirus Plus

 Norton is a name to reckon with in the world of internet security. It is one of the oldest and still popular companies making products to enhance the safety and security of digital devices. Norton antivirus Plus is a very popular product from the company that is loved by the customers because of its affordable prices and host of features not found in other similar products available in the market.  Norton setup help  and  Norton support number   play a crucial role in the popularity of this entry level antivirus used by large numbers of individuals and businesses .If you do not know, Norton Antivirus Plus is the most basic of security products made available by Norton to individuals and corporate customers. If you want security with features like VPN, monitoring of the dark web, and the capability to block unauthorized access of webcam, you can choose Norton 360 which is of course a costlier option. You can go one step higher with Norton 360 packed with LifeLock to prevent any chances

How to put a bug in a Cell Phone?

 There can be multiple reasons why you would want to bug a cell phone. For instance, you suspect that one of your employees is sharing company secrets, you think that your spouse is having an affair with someone else or maybe you want to know what teenagers are up to.  So the main question is how you can bug a cell phone. With the rise in technology and the current evolution of it in the modern era, it’s as easy and simple as installing a piece of software. To help you out, I will be telling you everything you need to know about bugging someone’s phone. Keep reading and you will find the solution. How to bug a cell phone with ClevGuard App? Follow the steps mentioned below to bug someone’s phone: Sign up for ClevGuard App by creating an account with your email ID, deciding on the target device, and subscribing to a spy plane. The next step is to install ClevGuard on the target’s phone. For this, you will need one-time physical access to the target’s phone in order to complete t

Google Chrome Support Makes It the Most Popular Browser of the World

 Google’s Chrome browser has become the most loved browser around the world with Apple Safari being a distant second on the horizon. There is a strong reason why customers love this browser that is fast and lean on resources of the system.  Google Chrome support   has ensured a browser which allows users to be free from the worries of their safety and privacy as it is packed with the latest and most advance features. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser in your devices, you can rest assured of a fast and pleasant surfing experience on the web. Google has recently launched a new version of its Chrome browser. It is referred to as Chrome 91 and it is packed with new and exciting features and functionalities. One reason why Chrome has won the confidence and trust of the users is that it has been upgrading the browser according to the desires and requirements of its consumers. Of late, the  Google Chrome support team  has been working overtime as it is launching new version of C

Officejet Pro 9015e: Efficient All in One Printer From Hp

 Apple and Samsung have been working on unique foldable smartphones for a very long time. From the side of Apple, rumours are doing rounds that the company will introduce its foldable iPhone sometime in 2022. Apple has fallen behind in this race of concept design as Motorola and Samsung have already released their foldable concept smartphones. It is therefore only natural for loyal customers of Apple to get at least inside news on the progress achieved by the company on this front.  Apple support  has kept mum on foldable iPhone until now. It is only the reports from reliable designers that are credible sources of information for Apple fans. On the basis of these leaks published in the form of sketches and photos, it can be said that Apple is probably working on a flip design for its foldable iPhone slated to debut in 2022. Imagine having a small iPhone that you open and the screen gets divided into two halves with the upper half carrying the clock and the lower half carrying the home

At&t Best in 5g, Offering Free Smartphones to Customers

 AT&T is the number one telecommunications company of the country with footprints in not just landline and mobile telephony but also in broadband internet and digital entertainment. If you are a subscriber of this company, you must be a happy and satisfied customer. Recently, AT&T became Nation’s best 5G network after it was crowned as the most reliable 5G network of the country. A large role in this success is played by  AT&T support  that lives up to the expectations of the customers all the time. Global Wireless Solutions ran a survey in all 50 states across the country in order to find out which service provider is the best 5G network in the eyes of the consumers. In this survey, it was found that a vast majority of AT&T customers said that they were able to access 5G in most of the places. It was not the first time for AT&T to be given this award by GWS. This is the 4 th  time in a row in 4 years that the company has received this award in 4 years. Customers r

An insight into the ways to fix LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi

 A problem remains a problem until you learn about the ways to settle it. Once, you learn how to tackle the errors, it’s no more a problem for you. Surviving in a world with advancements in technology, one must know the measures to deal with the possible issues. Nowadays, TVs are connected to WiFi to experience uninterrupted entertainment. But this too carries some problems associated with it. Today, we will be discussing one common connecting issue relating to the LG TV.  LG TVs are well known for their high-quality picture but there are some common complaints made by users relating to them. One such highly recorded complaint made by the user is the “LG TV not connecting to WiFi”. It has been recorded that sometimes users face difficulty in connecting their TV with a WiFi connection.  So, in this read, we will look at the causes that lead to the emergence of this issue and after then we will dive in to find out the ways to settle the issue on our own. So, are you ready to learn th

Facebook Rechristened as Meta

 Facebook has been a pioneer and also one of the leading social media platforms. Mark Zuckerberg recently surprised the world by announcing that Facebook will now be called Meta. Social media experts are speculating as to what the motive behind this change of name could be. People all over the world have searched about Metaverse in the last few days and it has become one of the most popular search terms. Facebook lovers are wondering why their favorite social media platform is being forced to change its name. They are busy making wild guesses. Many are trying to find out what Meta means and what does it stand for in the context of social media. If one looks up for the word Meta on Oxford dictionary, he finds that it means transformation or change. Another meaning given in the dictionary is beyond, at a higher level, or above. If one goes by the version of the company, it is clear that it equates Meta with beyond. But it is clear that Facebook is seeking some kind of a metamorphosis.

Malwarebytes Slams Apple for the Poor Quality Patching Process

 Malwarebytes has emerged as one of the most popular antivirus systems around the world in recent times. This is when Malwarebytes does not fulfill the requirements to be labeled as fully-fledged antivirus. Recently, the company surprised everyone by complaining against Apple, one of the biggest tech companies in the world. In a blog post written by  Malwarebytes support , the company criticized the patching process of Apple saying it can have serious repercussions for the safety and security of the systems being used by the customers. Thomas Reid, Mac and mobile director in Malwarebytes, wrote a blog post that centers on a campaign called Watering Hole being run in Hong Kong. Watering Hole is actually a security threat that was aimed at the users of Mac OS who were directing people to a pro-democracy event supported by a political organization. TAG from Google first reported about Watering Hole some time ago. Hackers made use of two vulnerabilities in the Mac OS to launch these attac

At&t Tries Hard to Prevent T-mobile From Surging Ahead in 5g

 AT&T is undoubtedly a giant in the telecom sector around the country. The company made every effort in the last few weeks to tip the scales in its favor in its fight with T-Mobile in the field of 5G services. T-Mobile was the first out of the blocks in 5G and it must have hurt the ego of the company of the stature of AT&T. The best way to thwart the growth story of T-Mobile was to prevent it from amassing mid-band spectrum.  AT&T Mail support  has decided to flex its regulatory muscle to stop T-Mobile from surging ahead of it in the 5G race. AT&T filed a petition with FCC in September 2021 saying it should not allow any single player to amass more than one-third of the total spectrum in a given marketplace. Mid band spectrum which lies in the range of 2.5-6 GHz is considered ideal for use in 5-G technology. As T-Mobile has recently taken over Sprint, it allows the company to bid for a big chunk of the mid-band spectrum on auction by the government. If one looks at AT


 f a product is loved by the consumers, it is logical for its upgrade to be more expensive. But the reports coming out through insiders reveal a strange fact that iPhone 15 may be cheaper than iPhone 14. It is a pleasant surprise for diehard fans of iPhones. Though there is no confirmation of this rumor by  Apple customer care , the news has spread like wildfire. 2023 might be a lucky year for loyal fans as they can finally lay their hands on a brand-new iPhone at prices that are within their budget.  In a recent blog, one of the most popular industry insiders said that tech giant Apple has been badly shaken by the lukewarm response it got from customers to iPhone 14. The smartphone from Apple fared badly after its launch. The company is trying to defend poor sales of iPhone 14 citing supply chain obstacles and restrictions imposed by the Chinese government in the wake of the outbreak of Covid-19. No amount of justification can hide the fact that the iPhone 14 has become the worst-per